Wednesday 24 July 2019

Dunleer firm Dancor in with world's best

A top Dunleer engineering company are now one of the best in the world - and they have the certificate to prove it!

Dancor Civil Engineering Ltd joined 17 other organisations from the private, public and SME sectors at NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) offices in Dublin for a special ceremony marking their achievement in becoming certified to world class business standards. The companies are located throughout the country and include Dancor, FLI Global Ltd, Pobal, Gem Construction, Boland Steel and Whytes Concrete Ltd.

All of the businesses and bodies that achieved certification were independently audited by NSAI inspectors in order to ensure they complied with the international standards.

The certification is a recognition of the work and effort Dancor Civil Engineering has put in and underlines their commitment to working towards best practice.

They join an elite group of over 4,000 organisations who are currently NSAI-certified in a variety of areas such as Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and Energy Management.

"We are pleased with the major advances we made in 2018 to successfully implement an ISO-integrated management system. Achieving this accreditation will attest to the quality of our services, our commitment to workplace safety and the protection of the environment in balance with socioeconomic needs,' Edward McDaniel, Managing Director of Dancor Civil Engineering said.

Speaking at the ceremony, NSAI Chief Executive Geraldine Larkin said achieving certification to world class business standards will give these organisations an advantage - both at home and abroad.

"Many of the companies gathered are being certified to two, three or in some cases, to four standards and I am delighted to see this type of commitment. You can see the real difference standards have made to your business and you have reaped rewards from these benefits. Not only have you gained competitive advantage - improving efficiency, reducing costs and minimising waste - your industries will continue to benefit because of your investment," said Ms Larkin.

Dancor Civil Engineering designs, builds and renews civil infrastructure within the public and private sectors.

Drogheda Independent