Saturday 24 February 2018

Dumping 'shocking and embarrassing'

The scene just off Narrow West Street.
The scene just off Narrow West Street.
Dumping on the Ballymakenny Road.

A LOCAL man has described as 'truly shocking' a dumping incident just yards from Drogheda's main street.

'I came across it last week after parking in the council car park at the back of O'Reilly's old place on Fair Street,' he said. 'I decided to walk down the laneway that leads onto Narrow West Street and came across this.'

'To me this is truly shocking. There must have been dozens upon dozens of cans and bottles that seem to have been set on fire and placed against a wall which was completely charred by the blaze.

'I don't know when it happened, but I hope the council are tracking down who did it. It was embarrassing to see this just a short distance from the street.'

The Drogheda Independent was also contacted in relation to apparent dumping issues on the Ballymakenny Road. At one location a blue barrel, full of what appears to be rubble and tiles, has been discarded at the side of the road.

Locals first noticed the dumping two weeks ago and initially though it had fallen off a passing truck, but nobody returned to claim and remove it.

Drogheda Independent

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