Tuesday 25 June 2019

Drug dealers getting houses in Ardee claim

Concerns were expressed that 'known drug dealers' are getting new council homes in Ardee.

A member of the public attending the JPC meeting said that a new estate had been opened in Ardee.

'Some of those getting homes there are worthy of them, but others are known drug dealers,' they claimed.

'They are being put in with innocent children.

'They are from Dublin and they are moving in here and now the same thing is going to happen in Dunleer,' they stated.

'And we only have two gardai in Dunleer.'

Cllr Colm Markey said that the houses in Dunleer would only be occupied by local people.

Meanwhile, Supt Pat O'Connell said he was making every effort to open the doors of Ardee Garda Station on a more regular basis, but resources was impacting on that.

Claims were made that the station was always closed and people couldn't get a guard when they needed one.

The station was only open for an hour at night, it was stated.

''The station is not closed on a 24 hour basis and we are trying to put something in place,' he stated.

Chief Supt Mangan said that they would love to open 24 hours but that would mean there would be no patrol car on duty and that needed to be prioritised.

Efforts were also being made to open Collon station from time to time.

Drogheda Independent