Tuesday 21 May 2019

Drogheda people don't want to be part of any war

There was a clear message to those involved in an ongoing feud in the town on Saturday afternoon last - stop the attacks, or just leave town.

The gathering on West Street was unprecedented for such a call, clearly the incidents that have plagued the town and its environs for many months - especially in recent weeks - sparking real anger amongst the population.

National media from many outlets all descended for the occasion and carried away with them a picture of a united town, fed up of fear and solely focused on ending the hardship that too many people have had to endure for too many months.

The gathering was called prior to a visit on Thursday last by Minister Charlie Flanagan and Commissioner Drew Harris.

Following a meeting with garda chiefs in the area, it was stated that 25 extra gardai are to be deployed to the town in the coming weeks. Already, there is 24 hour armed gardai on duty.

While the extra resources have been welcomed, there were calls that maybe 25 more might be welcomed to help police the biggest town in the country.

And the biggest issue is that the 25 must now remain in town and not allow the positive actions of recent days to simply vanish again.

Paddy McQuillan called the gathering and spoke about the need for real action and that was a sentiment that ran through the voices of the other speakers as well on the day.

A number of political figures had their say, the call pretty united 'get your guns, bombs and drugs and get out of town,' and that sparking applause from those watching on. Mayor Godfrey spoke about the plus factors that exist in the town and how the Fleadh was our perfect showcase in 2018 and will be again in 2019.

He had a clear message to those involved in the ongoing feud ' stop and stop it now.'

He said good people were now 'living in fear' because of all the incidents.

Drogheda Independent