Friday 19 October 2018

Drogheda City Status group to meet with Minister Hogan

MEMBERS OF the Drogheda City Status Campaign will meet with Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan in the coming weeks to discuss the campaign in what is seen as a very positive move towards official city status.

Last month, members of Drogheda Borough Council agreed to rename Drogheda from a town to a city. Now, Minister of State for the Newera Project Fergus O'dowd has arranged for members of the City Status Committee to meet with the Minister to discuss the issue. This follows a meeting between Minister O'dowd and committee members in Drogheda last Friday.

' Minister Hogan informs me that he is looking forward to meeting the committee members in the near future,' the Minister told the Drogheda Independent.

Commenting on the meeting, Vincent Hoey from the Drogheda City Status Committee said the meeting was an important one in order to move forward with the declaration of Drogheda as a city, which has already been recognised in name by Drogheda Borough Council.

'It's all about putting the case for Drogheda as a city,' he said.

' This campaign is about the whole Drogheda region and maintaining its importance. There are going to be big changes in local government and Drogheda has to be in there making its case as a strong contender and that is what we are about.

' This is no small matter and the town, as it used to be, city as it is now, has to wake up. We are the city on the Boyne, the gateway to the Boyne Valley.

' These are the powerful logos that will allow us to sell Drogheda as an important tourism destination.'