Wednesday 22 November 2017

Drogheda 'city' sold to Japanese!

Drogheda's case to be declared a city reached Japan recently when Dr Brian Hughes delivered a paper on Spatial Direction for Ireland at an Irish-Japanese presentation in Dublin .

Aimed at showing the links between both countries, Dr Hughes, who has long championed Drogheda's elevation to city status, said the need for the town to grow into a city was paramount for a successful future.

He has been promoting the title Drogheda-LBM (Laytown, Bettystown, Mornington) and feels the forthcoming census figures will only further the case for such a move.

Mr Hughes has been supporting the Drogheda City Status group for some years and his detailed reports into the area have drawn a lot of comments.

The group have also met with Minister Simon Coveney and emphasised Drogheda's case 'as a future growth hub and city.'

The Drogheda group will be making their own case for city status shortly, with Dr Hughes backing up their claim.

Drogheda Independent

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