Monday 17 June 2019

Drogheda area population is set to hit 100,000 mark by 2031

The Drogheda City Status Group (DSCG) have challenged population figures which appear in the recently published draft Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES) document prepared by the Eastern and Midlands Regional Authority (EMRA). Ireland is divided into three mega-regions, with Co.Louth located within the EMRA.

"It is pure fantasy to suggest that the populations of Drogheda and Dundalk will both be 50,000 in 2031 as this RSES report speculates. Already, Drogheda and environs has a population in excess of that, so clearly there is an agenda either in Local or National Government to conceal the true population figures for - and potential of - Drogheda as the Regional Capital of the North East. By 2031, the population of the Greater Drogheda area, including Laytown, Bettystown and Mornington is more likely to reach 100,000," said a spokesman for DSCG.

Last week, representatives of the City Status Group along with their Planning Consultant, Dr. Brian Hughes attended a special briefing on the RSES at the DIT, Kevin Street which was hosted by Lecturer Odran Reid. A detailed presentation was made by EMRA Senior Planner, Pauline Riordan, and the Drogheda representatives discussed a number of early concerns relating to the report's content with her.

It is understood that Council members of Drogheda and District Chamber also attended a briefing in Naas last week where the draft RSES plan was discussed.

"We would urge all individuals and organisations concerned with Drogheda's early transition from Ireland's largest town into Ireland's next city to check out this draft report at as comments and submissions on the draft must be made by mid-January 2019. The final RSES plans will be critical drivers of both spatial and economic strategy for the future and will have significant impact on our communities and economies. So everyone needs to get familiar with the draft plan, and assert the position of the Greater Drogheda area," concluded the DCSG spokesman.

Drogheda Independent