Friday 20 September 2019

Drivers adhering to traffic routes would be concern

The planned route for trucks to enter the quarry
The planned route for trucks to enter the quarry

Dunleer councillor Hugh Conlon is urging those interested to take a close look at the proposals for the backfilling of the town's quarry.

The company sent out a pre-planning bulletin last month, detailing their plans.

He says some concerns have been raised.

'For instance, the increasein HGV ( Truck ) volumes using the R.132 ( Old Main Rd.) of 57 loads per day, therefore 114 journeys per day is quite concerning.

'The Company in their bulletin are saying that all Haulage Contractors will be instructed to use Junction 13 ( Ravel) and Junction 14( Charleville) to access the proposed Facility . Despite this, it would be fair to assume that most of the expected material coming to the proposed Facility would be travelling down the Motorway from the Dublin direction.

'Therefore the first Junction they would come to is Junction 12 (Woodlands) at which point the " Sat Nav" would direct them to leave the Motorway , thus driving through Dunleer Village to get to the proposed facility at the Old Quarry on the Dundalk Road.

'Also the notion that a 'driver' for the haulage contractors or indeed sub contractors would add an additional 10 to 12km per load along with the extra time associated by going through Junction 13 is just not convincing.

'Also there is the serious risk that using Junction 13 ( Ravel) could divert the trucks by accident onto the Ardee Road ( Doctor's Lane ), an existing bottlemeck as it stands .'

He adds, 'the Company's proposal in their bulletin to treat the existing water trapped in the quarry at Cluide and Mountainstown and pump it to the White River is welcome. This work should be done irrespective of the future plans for the old quarry in the interest of public safety especially where young children are concerned.

'We as local residents will need to examine very closely the planning application that seemingly has now been lodged with Louth Co. Council.'

Drogheda Independent