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Don't have an art attack about it!


The Drogheda Public Art group behind the new work of art at St Dominick's Bridge have said that the new sculpture is 'modern and edgy' - and was created by an internationally acclaimed artist.

'First of all we would like to thank people for all the feedback we have received, both positive and negative,' a spokesperson stated.

'To explain a few things; the motif of the bird was suggested by young people from Transition Year and Boomerang café. They wanted a Sculpture that represented the Drogheda of today and to them the most important thing was their friends and family that had gone abroad to find work. Their hope was that like a bird they might come home again.

'The female form also came from the public consultation where people wanted a theme that shows the importance of the Boyne valley especially the mythology associated with it.

'So the Celtic goddess Bóinn was chosen after which the River is called (over a statue of a salmon which can be found in numerous locations).'

They say that the most debated aspect was the material to be used.

'The weathered steel look was favoured because it represents Drogheda's proud industrial heritage and also because it would blend in with the bridge especially after it gets a paint job.

'The form of the sculpture is new , it is modern its edgy and Ralf Sander is internationally famous for this type of work where the ' negative space ' is used to create an image.

They added that 'just to reiterate that not a penny came from public funds this side of the border. It was earmarked by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland for a public sculpture. It could not be spent on anything else. The €65K quoted was total programme cost , much of which was spent locally the actual piece came in at just over 50% of that.'