Saturday 26 May 2018

Distress as trapped birds dying inside empty shop premises

Elizabeth McIntyre outside the disused shop on West Street
Elizabeth McIntyre outside the disused shop on West Street

THE DEPLORABLE state of a shop in West Street has been highlighted by a Drogheda Independent reader who was 'shocked and distressed' by the sight of dead and dying birds in the derelict premises.

Elizabeth McIntyre from Courtlough, Co. Dublin, shops in Drogheda on a weekly basis, but said she was left very upset after spotting the dying pigeons inside the West Street shop early last week.

'I have passed this shop a couple of times and remarked how it stands out in the street,' said Elizabeth, who came into the Drogheda Independent office last Friday.

'I couldn't help notice a number of pigeons on the floor of the old shop, some who had already died and a few who were obviously dying.

'I am a bird lover, who has 15 roosters, a number of hens, a cockatoo, cockatiel and some budgies, so I found it hard to watch these birds suffering,' she said.

The shop has been vacant for some time.

The problem of trapped and dying birds in this empty premises has been highlighted by the Drogheda Independent in the past, and they were cleared.

However, the problem has recently re-occurred.

'I tried feeding the poor birds through the door, and I really wanted to smash the glass and free them,' said Elizabeth, 'but the owner of a nearby shop said I would just get into trouble.'

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