Friday 17 August 2018

Disabled parking bay needs a paint job

Hubert Murphy

A complete paint job is needed on a disabled parking space at Sunday's Gate that is causing major issues between motorists and local residents.

The space - outside the home of Michael and Lily Corbally - is almost worn away and motorists are continuing to park in it.

When they are challenged, they say they can't even see the markings when they are parking.

A space near the school was painted recently, but not this one.

'It hasn't been painted in two or three years,' states Lily Corbally. 'People can't see it and it's causing problems. I don't like having to tell people about it all the time but when the traffic warden comes around they get a ticket.'

Michael has a disability badge and he can't even get parked at times.

'One lady parked there last week and said that with the suspension of the pay parking there were no restrictions on parking,' Lily added.

Local councillor Frank Godfrey has taken up the case and wants to see the signs properly done.

'There are a number of disabled parking spaces in need of painting and with the increase in fines nationally for parking without a permit, people need to be totally aware they are parking illegally,' he stated.

Drogheda Independent