Saturday 17 February 2018

'Diagonal' parking system on West Street can work

Three vans parked at an angle on West Street and still loads of room. It shows a new parking system can work.
Three vans parked at an angle on West Street and still loads of room. It shows a new parking system can work.

Hubert Murphy

HAVE you ever driven across West Street in the early evening and looked around at the deserted streets and just wondered where all the cars came from?

From the Sinn Féin office at the top of the street to the junction with Shop Street/Peter Street, every little space seems to be full.

And, as for during the day - it can be equally as frustrating, with those anxious to pop in to a shop sometimes just forced to move on and find somewhere else outside of the centre.

Some traders have been asking for a revamp of the parking on the street. Adding to the spaces available would not only help trade but add even more to the coffers of the council.

Last week, an experiment took place outside Tesco - when a few parking spaces did appear - when three vans decided to drive down West Street, stop and reverse in at an angle of about 60 degrees.

With the wide footpath, there wasn't a problem.

It is estimated that up to 20 more spaces could be created right along the street if this new mode of parking was taken on.

Local trader Liam Mullen from Jojo's Newsagent felt the experiment worked a treat.

'It just showed what can be done when a little bit of thought and a new look at parking on the street is considered,' he stated.

'This type of parking will create more spaces but will also slow down some of the speeders who race along the street and sometimes drive straight through the pedestrian crossing.

'It will also help the manners of some drivers who'll have to give people a chance to stop and reverse into the spaces.'

Driving front first into spaces was also tested but would be deemed too dangerous as drivers would have to reverse into traffic and shoppers would have to stand on the road to load up a boot, etc.

'West Street is now one-way and the paths are so wide, this can be achieved with ease and with little expense.

'Hopefully the council will see this and realise it can work.'

Drogheda Independent

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