Wednesday 21 February 2018

Democracy is diluted

Dear Sir,

This Fine Gael Government has transferred the powers of authority for Drogheda affairs to Dundalk.

This policy benefits Dundalk as Louth County Council will now administer for Drogheda.

All decisions major and otherwise regarding Drogheda will now be made in Dundalk by Louth County Council even though Drogheda is the largest town in Ireland.

There is a great imbalance between Drogheda and Dundalk. Drogheda people feel hard done by as this Government driven policy favours Dundalk.

This has to change.

Drogheda should have more say over its financial affairs and how money is spent. We are told this is for the best but local people do not see it that way.

We are not for handing over the keys of Drogheda to Dundalk. We must stand up for Drogheda and fight for its future. Local Government reform has diluted democracy for Drogheda.

The provision and quality of local services will diminish together with Council job losses.

As a municipal Council we must perform and deliver for Drogheda and our people but this is going to be difficult as we no longer have control of our affairs.

They may have left us with housing but they are doing our housekeeping.


Cllr Frank Godfrey

Drogheda Independent

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