Wednesday 16 October 2019

Debate over closure of 'unauthorised entrance' between two estates

Louth County Council have said they will keep members up to date with proposals to consider closing a notorious gap in a ditch between Moneymore and Castle Manor.

The location has drawn much debate in recent years for different reasons.

It is a shortcut for students from the entire northside of the town to get to Ballymakenny College and DIFE.

However, it has also been the scene of severe anti-social behaviour, with drug dealing and robberies taking place in the area and the hole used as a quick escape route from one side of the town to the other.

'Some want it closed and some don't,' Paddy Donnelly from Louth CC told last week's Area Council Meeting.

He confirmed it was an 'authorised entrance' and its future is down for discussion.

When asked by Mayor Frank Godfrey did the council own the land, he stated that the boundary would have to be checked but 'some of it' is owned by the council.

He said he'd prepare a report for the next meeting.

The matter was raised by Cllr Joanna Byrne who said that she had asked for the entrance to be improved and that schoolchildren used it. She accepted that there were issues with it.

Mayor Godfrey said there was a lot of frustration with the gap and that it had led to issues like the case with Brookville some years ago.

'I have had the CEO and the engineer out to the scene,' he remarked. 'It is a great short cut but there's been a lot of anti-social behaviour because of it.

'Something has to be done,' he explained, adding that an alternative route might have to be explored.

Cllr Tommy Byrne said his fear was for young people using the short cut and he feared 'someone will be killed' because of it.

'Issues can be seen there everyday,' he continued.

Paddy Donnelly said that there was no finance available at the moment to 'manage it'.

Drogheda Independent