Wednesday 20 March 2019

DAR and river rescue help save two dogs

The Drogheda animal rescue service and the Boyne Fishermans' River Rescue combined to save two small dogs by the banks of the Boyne last week.

Two frightened poodles were spotted huddling together close to Scotch Hall and when members of DAR arrived on scene, they had moved over to Drogheda Port, close to the river's edge.

'The smallest of the poodles was captured first, as she got stuck under a metal gate trying to run away. Once she was secured, the next task was to capture the larger poodle, but we knew there would be problems.

'One of the River Rescue team members suited up anticipating that the dog would jump into the river when approached, and indeed that is what happened. With the river pulling away, the dog was in danger of being swept away in the current. A rope was tied around the dog's neck and it was guided along the river onto the steps, where a DAR volunteer waited with a blanket to wrap up a soaked, shivering, and exhausted dog,' a spokesperson stated.

Both dogs were taken immediately to the local vet for a check-up. They were uninjured, but traumatised from the morning's events.

Their owner came forward, completely unaware of what happened that morning. Both dogs were reunited with their delighted owner.

' Many thanks to the Boyne Fishermans' Rescue and Recovery team, Allpets Veterinary Hospital and Scotch Hall Shopping Centre,' they added.

Drogheda Independent