Monday 16 September 2019

Dangerous game played in schools



A DARING game that encourages young people to take part in selfinflicted fainting spells is taking place in a number of local schools.

The worldwide craze, which has various names like American Dream, Flat Line, Scarfing or the Choking Game, has proved fatal on occasions in the past.

It involves the individual crouching down and hyperventilating and then quickly standing up.

A second person then presses against their chest and they lose consciousness immediately as the blood flow to the brain slows to dangerous levels.

One local primary school became so concerned last week that they sent home a letter to all parents warning about the dangers of the game.

Another sent a text to parents after learning that the potentially deadly game was being played in the school yard.

Local GP Harry Barry admitted that the 'sport' could have fatal consequences.

'I'm shocked





stated. 'People do come out of hyperventaliating, but when there's pressure then put on the chest or neck to cause unconsiousness, that's not a funny game. If schools do become aware of such incidents I would urge them to highlight the dangers to students and parents.

'It is dangerous and could lead to cardiac arrest and if someone fell and banged their head the result could be terrible.'

One concerned mother in Drogheda said that her daughter had witnessed the game being played in the school yard last week and was frightened by it.

'Some first years were doing it and going unconsious and I think it has to stop,' she said.

'It is now a huge issue on Facebook and I'm concerned it will just grow in the schools in this area.'

She has since made contact with the school to warn them about the game.

There have been variations of the game for decades but it is making a reappearence as the youngsters aim to get a rush or high from the experience.

Experts say the game can cause a stroke or seizure.