Sunday 25 March 2018

Crying 10-week old baby had not been fed for 17 hours

On Monday, the jury in the trial heard a distressed 999 call from the victim, whose 10-week-old baby girl hadn't been fed for 17 hours.

Jean Marie Nawn could be heard sobbing down the phone as she tried to comfort her crying baby and explain to gardaí how the kidnappers had threatened to shoot her and her partner.

Ms Nawn told the jury she was repeatedly threatened at gunpoint during the 15-hour ordeal and said that at one stage she was beaten over the head with a gun. Afterwards the raiders left her tied to a bedpost in an abandoned house with her baby. She told the court she managed to free herself and run up the road to the nearby IBM factory in Swords.

G4S security company worker Gerard Whelan told the court on Monday that he was working at the IBM factory and driving out to lunch around 1pm that day when he noticed a woman standing at the edge of the grounds. He said it was unusual to see anyone there as the area around the factory was mostly rural.

He said he stopped the van and noticed she was holding a baby and had cable ties on her hands. "She was distressed and incoherent," Mr Whelan told the court. "...She kept saying, 'They have Warren, they have Warren'."

Mr Whelan said the woman did not want him to ring 999 but he felt he had to. "She kept saying they were going to kill him if she told anyone. I told her I was sure he would be OK. My company has had previous experience of this activity."

In the 999 conversation played to the jury, Mr Whelan spoke to gardaí before putting Ms Nawn on the phone. She wept as gardaí told her that her partner was safe and that an ambulance was on the way for her and her daughter. Her baby could be heard crying in the background.

Drogheda Independent