Sunday 18 March 2018

Cromwell author should take heed of his words

Dear Sir,

You know the evenings are getting darker when you see Tom Reilly, the saviour of Oliver Cromwell, come out of his cave. Is he for real?

This is what he quoted in the Drogheda Independent on August 13th.

'It is the Irish nation that should be apologising to Cromwell for blackening his name for convicting him of massacring thousands of innocent men, women and children, crimes he didn't commit, a fact that has been incontrovertibly proved recently.'

Mr Reilly would probably say the same things about the Black and Tans and what the British Army did up North. I don't know what planet he is on but he's a disgrace to Drogheda, to the county of Louth and to the country of Ireland. He should take wise words from his idol, Cromwell – Go to hell or to Connaught.


Mici Mac Ruairi,


Drogheda Independent