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Criticism of council staff has annoyed Chief Executive

Criticism of council staff during Covid-19 restrictions has annoyed her, chief executive Joan Martin admitted.

She told the June meeting of the local authority that many services have not re-started in keeping with government guidelines.

'We are still in a return to work plan.

'I have been working at home, and there are swathes of staff not working at all.'

Ms Martin continued many council employees are working under difficult circumstances.

'It's a miracle we have delivered the services we have in the last three months.

'Council staff are as entitled as everyone else to be safe. I am very proud of them.'

The chief executive recalled that when the lockdown came into force, the council was tasked by the government to have Community Call in place over that first weekend, which they did.

'We have achieved wonders. It annoys me where there is criticism of staff.'

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