Friday 24 November 2017

Couple now avoid M1 toll

Kevin Flynn and Susan Woods have moved to the Dublin Road area.
Kevin Flynn and Susan Woods have moved to the Dublin Road area.

KEVIN FLYNN and his fiancée Susan Woods are just one young couple who have made the move to the south side of Drogheda to avoid crippling travel costs.

Kevin's office is based in Swords, but his job brings him all over the country, and Susan commutes to Coolock daily for her job.

'We loved living in Tullyallen, which is a great village, but with two cars travelling to Dublin via the motorway each day, we were being crippled by the poll costs,' says Kevin, who is originally from Dún Laoghaire, and has now moved to the Dublin Road, south of the river Boyne.

'It was working out at almost €1,800 per year for work, and then another €4 if you want to go to Tesco or visit a friend in Stamullen. It's crazy money, and that's what prompted our move to the Dublin Road area.'

The couple is now living near to the Black Bull pub, and say it couldn't be handier for their needs.

'We were very sorry to leave Tullyallen, but it just didn't make financial sense,' he adds.

'We are now using less fuel to get to the motorway, have no tolls to pay, and if we want to travel by train now instead it is a fiveminute walk.'

He said there was also no point to them even looking at properties in the north of the town, as the traffic is 'ridiculous'. 'I have never seen a town with such bad traffic management,' says Kevin, whose fiancée is from Drogheda.

'It seems the only solution they have for bad traffic is to put in more traffic lights, and failing that, you might get a roundabout, none of which really helps.'

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