Wednesday 19 December 2018

Councillor victim of petrol bomb attack

Attempt made to burn out car at the front of Paddy Meade's home

Hubert Murphy

A local councillor admits that an attempted petrol bomb attack on his car has left him 'looking over his shoulder' and his parents very anxious about another incident.

Lobinstown man Paddy Meade, chairman of the Laytown/Bettystown area, discovered he was the victim of a potentially serious incident last week.

He was walking to his vehicle at about 7.30am on Tuesday when he noticed his windscreen had been cracked and there was broken glass on the ground.

He immediately contacted gardai.

'Someone tried to break the windscreen and then throw a bottle of petrol into the car to burn it out. But when they couldn't break the glass, they threw the bottle against the tyre, but thankfully it didn't ignite.

'We have flammable material in a shed nearby and the house is there too. If this had taken light, it would have been very serious for us, asleep in the house,' he stated.

He was quizzed by gardai and asked about any threats he had received in recent times.

'It's now in the hands of the gardai and they are treating it seriously. They have also sought CCTV in the area.'

'I have been looking over my shoulder for the past few years I suppose. That is how low politics in Meath has become.

'This attack targeted my parents as well and they are very frightened by it all.

'I have always spoken out about the people - for the people - and although this could have been random - somebody driving around rural Meath with a petrol bomb in their hand - I think it was a personal attack.'

He admits it has got him thinking about politics and if it's worth it, especially as this was an attack on his parents too.

'I have been critical of people not delivering for Meath and sometimes people don't like that.

'But I won't change because we are elected for the people. Politics turned to violence in Lobinstown last week - I'll stick to democracy.'

Drogheda Independent