Monday 20 May 2019

Councillor is the victim of verbal abuse

Hubert Murphy

A Mid Louth councillor says he was verbally abused in the street for calling for action against people involved in anti-social behaviour in Ardee.

Cllr Jim Tenanty asked if the council were going to 'continue with a softly, softly approach,' adding that 'decent people' were being impacted by such behaviour.

'We are not acting on the abuse they are giving people in this town. Somebody will be murdered and we'll be asked, 'why did we not act.'

He said he was subjected to 'horrific abuse' and it was reported to the gardai.

He said the people were housed in an old persons dwelling in Ardee.

'This has been going on for years', he stated at the area council meeting.

He also remarked that residents had filled out forms to get them evicted.

Council official Joe McGuinness said the situation was not being ignored but at times it needs more than the council involved. 'Sometimes it needs other agencies', he explained.

Drogheda Independent