Wednesday 19 June 2019

Councillor helps the locals shift Bettystown structure

Hubert Murphy

A structure built on unregistered land in Bettystown has seen locals, with local councillor Paddy Meade, move onto the site and clear it.

It was the second such operation by members of the community, keen to see access to the beach protected.

'The locals path to the beach will always remain,' Cllr Meade stated.

A fence was erected on the disputed section of land, along with a structure, but in a one hour operation last Thursday, they were removed and left for the owner to collect.

The area is a Special Area of Conservation and as such can become a council issue.

'The fence was concreted down the second time after it was initially removed, but it was successfully taken down again by a crew of about eight workers. The residents have a right to get to the beach and to walk these lands and they intend to uphold those rights,' the councillor stated.

'The locals were very upset and if the structure is erected again, there are up to 50 people prepared to remove it.'

A person can acquire squatter's rights, or adverse possession as it's known in legal circles, on unregistered land by being in sole exclusive occupation of property for the required period, which is generally 12 years. The councillor believes the gardai have visited the contested location.

Drogheda Independent