Sunday 25 August 2019

Council must 'do their job' before someone is killed

Children out playing on a warm summer evening narrowly escaped injury after a car was rammed into a gap between two northside estates and set ablaze.

The drama unfolded last Wednesday night at 8.20pm when the black Honda Civic was crashed into the controversial ditch and then set alight.

The force of the explosion blew out the windscreen and when residents went to see if someone was in the vehicle, they heard further 'loud bangs' coming from the blazing car.

Firefighters rushed to the scene, along with gardai and the armed support unit.

For residents, it was just another incident in a long list of episodes.

The gap has been used for drug dealing, bringing guns from location to location as well as mounting attacks on delivery workers.

'Children could have been killed. How many warnings do the council need to close this hazard,' residents stated.

They have been campaigning for years to close the unauthorised gap, that has also become a health hazard due to illegal dumping in a water source that runs through the ditch.

'We have asked councillors and TDs to act and we are no further along the road. The gap is still open, these incidents are taking place and if someone is killed because of this gap, then that's up to others.

'How many warnings, how many incidents do the council need to act. They should do their job and close this now - even on a temporary basis - before we have a tragedy on our hands.'

Drogheda Independent