Tuesday 14 August 2018

Council agree to sell land for Marymount school

Councillor Paul Bell having campaigned for and supported plans for the expansion of Marymount National School in its present location in Ballsgrove expressed his delight with the decision of the elected members of Louth County Council to support his proposal for the lands at the rear of the school to be sold to the school authority.

"I am so happy for the children now forced to use prefabs as classrooms which is unacceptable, but is a reality of years of underinvestment in the school's infrastructure. The members of Louth County Council have listened to the needs of the school authority and the community of Ballsgrove and surrounding areas, all of whom are dependent on Marymount School which opened in 1969. This decision to make the land available ensures the future of the school for many years and many generations to come".

Bell confirmed that the land sold by Council for €40,000 is just shy of an acre in size and that the Department of Education and the school authority in Marymount are likely to submit a planning application within the next twelve months.

Drogheda Independent