Saturday 24 February 2018

Concern at time limits on disabled spaces

Louth County Council has been criticised for reducing the time limit in some disabled parking spaces in Drogheda to just one hour.

A spokesperson for the Post Polio Support Group said the time limit was very unfair on those with disabilities, who need more time to access and exit their vehicle and to get around town.

They said the limit is also frustrating because if differs from area to area, depending on where the disability parking bay is located.

'The disabled parking bay on Shop Street has a one hour parking limit, yet two bays in Laurence Street have no time limits on it. Neither does the parking bay adjacent to the Barbican theatre,' he said. 'The one across from the West Court Hotel also has a one hour time limit on the disability bay. Go 50 metres up the street and the disability parking pay outside St Peters Church has no disability parking limit on it.

'I'm asking Louth County Council to increase the time limit on all bays to two hours to allow people with disabilities who use motorised scooters, wheelchairs, walking aid more time to enter and exit a vehicle that is displaying a valid blue disabled parking permit as they are loosing time taking this equipment in and out of their vehicles.'

Drogheda Independent

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