Sunday 16 December 2018

Coast Guard in mercy missions

The Drogheda Coast Guard unit found themselves as part of the frontline response team during the storm, responding to emergencies in the community over the last several days.

'We were responding to emergency incidents, assisting the Fire Service, the HSE, Louth County Council, Homeless Aid etc. We were on emergency standby since Wednesday, and responded to incidents/requests during the Beast from the East and storm Emma,' Officer in Charge Dermot McConnoran explained.

'During the storm and the aftermath we responded to nearly 30 callouts. The volunteers have been out helping the local community in all different capacities.

'We assisted the HSE in getting essential staff to where the needed to be, bringing home help to different people in need and collecting patients from the hospital to their homes, we also collected people from their homes who needed restbite.

'We delivered water and food to people who were isolated and requested assistance. The Coast Guard were also on standby to work along side the Irish Army in delivering water to places where the water supply had been disrupted

'We also assisted the Homeless Aid by delivering meals on wheels to people who needed them,' he added.

He says the Coast Guard are proud of the role they play in the community.

'We will continue to do so, to assist and keep as many people safe as possible,' Dermot remarked.

With rising river levels ongoing, they are warning people to be careful in the aftermath of the severe weather.

'If you see anyone in trouble on or near the water or coastline dial 112 or 999 and ask for the Coast Guard,' Dermot stated.

Drogheda Independent