Tuesday 20 February 2018

Cllr blasts 'lack of urgency' in Rathmullen issue

Hubert Murphy

Louth County Council and the local gardai have to come up with a co-ordinated plan to help the people of Rathmullen in their fight against lawlessness in the area.

That's the view of Cllr Paul Bell who feels not enough is being done on the ground to tackle the problems.

Last week, the Drogheda fire service had to be dispatched to the estate on four consecutive nights to extinguish fires lit in public areas and which caused anxiety and distress to local residents.

'It is also of concern that in the past two weeks, three vehicles have been set on fire having been used unchallenged in St Finian's Park and Rathmullan Park. One of these vehicles was set on fire on Ballsgrove Green, close to houses,'he stated.

He feels since he raised the issue at a Joint Policing meeting five weeks ago, little has been done to back the local people, blasting the apparent 'lack of urgency' to sort out 'an unprecedented level of anti social and criminal behaviour'.

Bell confirmed that despite his disappointment with the lack of collaboration and co ordination between the authorities, he has engaged with all the main departments within Louth County Council demanding action. He has also called on the gardai and Louth County Council to meet at senior level to discuss the issues and to agree a co ordinated response.

"I aim to continue my efforts to support this community and intend to demand a full update at the next meeting of Drogheda Municipal at which I intend to also have a motion discussed on how to address open space on the estate being used for dumping and criminal behaviour. I also wish to salute the residents of the estate for their commitment to confront and end the spate of lawlessness which has been ongoing unchecked for almost a year".

Drogheda Independent

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