Monday 11 December 2017

Chord Road speed limit will be lowered to 30km per hour

The Chord Road
The Chord Road

Drogheda Borough Council may reduce the speed limit on the Chord Road to 30km per hour it has been revealed.

The issue was raised at the July meeting of Drogheda Municipal District by Councillor Pio Smith.

In a notice of motion he called on the borough district to apply the necessary protocol to ensure that the Chord Road becomes a 30km zone and that an investigation is carried out to determine the need for traffic calming measures at the junctions of Scarlet Street/Oulster Lane and Scarlet Street/Sandyford Terrace.

Speaking at the meeting, Mayor Smith said gardaí had recently carried out a speed check in the area and found that while cars were driving at under the 80km/hr speed limit in the area, they believed this was too fast for the area and that the speed limit should be lowered.

In a written response, the council said the closure of St Laurences Gate to vehicular traffic will impact on traffic flows in the adjoining streets of Chord Road, Oulsters Lane and Sandyford Terrace.

The council said it will, in conjunction with the closure of the gate, review speed limits and implement any measures considered necessary to regulate traffic speed in this residential area.

Commenting on the proposal at the July meeting of the council, Louth County Council Director of Services Paddy Donnelly said there was a specific case to make here for the lowering of the speed limit because of the closure of the Gate.

Drogheda Independent

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