Sunday 17 November 2019

Chicane plan for Millmount

Hubert Murphy

Speeding in the Millmount Abbey estate in Drogheda is set to be curtailed as part of a Meath County Council plan to install a chicane.

The move comes after a Meath CC review of estates that were being earmarked for a new 30kh/h speed limit.

As part of that, Millmount Abbey was selected for additional speed minitoring and it was found that speeds were consistently high.

This has led the council to suggest added measures in advance of bringing in the 30km/h limit.

It will take the form of a chicane and will be placed on the stretch from the turn to The Park and The Green.

The chicane forces vehicles to almost stop and to yield to oncoming drivers who are already in the chicane.

Meath CC have put the plans on public display for viewing.

The Castlemartin Green estate in Bettystown has also been earmarked for a similiar plan after high levels of speed were detected.

The use of chicanes has been questioned in the past, especially in the Inse Bay estate in Laytown.

'There were a lot of complaints about chicanes but I'm delighted to see this,' Cllr Sharon Tolan stated. She had called for measures to be taken in Castlemartin for some time due to speeding fears. 'There are benefits to the chicane and people can't complain unless they accept proposals to solve the problems.'

Cllr Stephen McKee said he was aware of the speed survey in Millmount Abbey and wondered who the council suggested a chiacen instead of speed ramps.

He was told that national guidelines now say that ramps are the last choice as they can cause damage to buses, ambulances and cars.

They said that the chicane in Inse Bay had worked and reduced speeds as a result.

Average speeds had been sourced in a number of areas in the county in respect of chicanes and ramps and the chicanes had proved to have worked very well.

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