Tuesday 21 May 2019

Cautious welcome on plea for Knockbrack crossing

Councillor Paul Bell has given a cautious welcome to Council's response to his motion for the installation of road safety measures on Mathews Lane outside Knockbrack Downs and Knockbrack Close having motioned for a pedestrian crossing.

"I motioned Louth County Council for the installation of a pedestrian crossing on this very busy road which runs directly between Knockbrack Downs and Knockbrack Close on route from Donore Industrial Estate and Platin Road. I also requested the upgrading of weight restriction signage which I believe to be located in areas where HGV drivers cannot see until they turn into the lane from Platin Road. Also on the list is road markings to warn motorists of the speed limit and the issue of the railway bridge which many motorists speed over not realising that the hump actually impacts on visibility" said Bell

Bell explained that Council had visited the site with him and made recommendations to address the concerns of local residents. "While a traffic survey has been agreed I am little unclear as to the focus of the study as there no pedestrian crossing on the 300 meter stretch of road. This issue should in my opinion have been addressed at the planning stage of both estates and when the railway bridge was reconstructed. However I acknowledge the progress and that funding will be required in 2019 to complete the necessary works to improve road safety".

Drogheda Independent