Tuesday 21 November 2017

Call for scale model of 'The Family' to be put on display

Duleek Heritage Group want a scale model of the proposed new artwork to be erected on the mound at the entrance to the village to go on public display.

Artist Maurice Harron is producing a piece called 'The Family'.

There had been concerns that the artwork may be lost after issues arose over the level of consultation between the council and the local community on the content of the piece.

'Our objective has never been about Duleek Heritage Group wanting to enforce anything on the people of Duleek, it has always been about the people of Duleek being informed and included in the process and having an opportunity to have their say,' Phil Kelly , Secretary Duleek Heritage Group, explained.

'Duleek Heritage Group never wanted to be appeased by Meath County Council in having a commemoration of Clarke's Forge incorporated with the piece already chosen. Our position has always been that we were willing to accept the democratic will of the people of Duleek.

'Our primary objective from the start was to raise awareness among the whole population of Duleek about the proposed Roadside Art Sculpture that is to be located on The Mound and its alignment. To that end we feel Meath County Council should have a scale model on display in The One Stop Shop for a period of time to allow people to see exactly how the piece would look in situ. A process must be put in place to ascertain what the will of the people is for this proposed Roadside Art and for future projects.

'Duleek Heritage Group is of the belief that if this public awareness campaign is undertaken by Meath County Council our primary aim would be achieved and we can then all move forward together.'

Drogheda Independent

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