Sunday 18 November 2018

Busy year for the Inver Colpa rowers

Even some footballers took up the oars for team building day!

It has been an exciting and eventful season for Drogheda's Rowing Club, welcoming new members, a new boat and taking on new challenges.

Inver Colpa Rowing Club kicked off the season with the annual Boyne Boat Race in April. Traditionally the race which first took place in June 2013, starts off on Clogherhead beach and finishes at the Viaduct bridge. But with the adverse weather conditions this year it was changed last minute from Mornington beach continuing up through Drogheda town. There were teams competing from many clubs throughout Ireland and hosting the race was a great success for Drogheda Rowing Club.

Throughout the season Inver Colpa took part in a number of races which not only brought Drogheda crews around the country but even across the Irish Sea. The second race took place in Antrim in July, hosted by Glenarm Rowing Club. Inver colpa entered a mixed team in the Round the Rock and sprint race, a great way to start the season .

In September, a mixed crew travelled to Donegal and took place in the Donegal Bay 10k Challenge, the first year hosted by Mountcharles rowing club with proceeds going to the RNLI. Inver Colpa delighted to take 2nd place with a mixed crew on the day.

Two weeks later the club took on the 18k River Barrow Challenge from St. Mullins, Carlow to New Ross, Wexford. With two teams competing, all Men's team took 2nd place with a time of 1hr 23mins and the Mixed team also doing well.

The final race of the season brought a mixed crew and Naomh Michael on a ferry to Wales where they entered the 20k Castle to Castle Beaumaris to Caernafon, biggest challenge of the season. After 2hrs 11mins of rowing the determined Mixed crew took 3rd place in their class and 9th place over all.

Also in July came the long awaited arrival of a new One Design All Ireland boat, named Naomh Michael for training alongside the clubs original boat Bean Treasa on the Boyne which can be seen most evenings during the rowing season.

Another type of boat in the club is the beloved Currachs, a traditional Irish skin boat dating back to the Neolithic period, built with a wooden frame, once covered with animal hide but today a canvas is stretched across it.

One of the first boats in Irish history, it played a crucial role in advancing civilisation around Britain and Ireland from the travelling settlers and the spread of farming and religion. You really get a sense of history when you sit in a Currach. This season the club designated Thursday evenings to the Currachs and with great interest and attendance from members to experience rowing like our ancestors did.

Rowing with Inver Colpa is not just for members to enjoy as this year a local Football team experienced for themselves when they popped down for some team building earlier in the season .

'We are always looking for new members so if you have any interest don't hesitate to contact the clubs Facebook page for more information,' a spokesperson added.

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