Thursday 23 November 2017

Brush and the crew go viral with 'Ireland, The Musical'

Alison Comyn

THERE WAS a time when the headline 'Local Man Goes Viral' would have meant some poor unfortunate had caught something nasty!

But now it means success for Harmony Heights man Martin 'Brush' Shields, as the world rushes to watch his hilarious video 'Ireland, the Musical'.

Since it debuted on RTE's 'Republic of Telly' last Monday, there have been almost 250,000 hits on Youtube, to hear Martin and his mates sing their way round Ireland, parodying well-known tunes along the way.

'We can't believe how well it has taken off, as we would have been delighted if our family and friends just watched it,' says Martin, well known musician with The Enemies, Drogheda Brass Band and now new project Mojo.

'Now people all over Ireland, as well as USA., Canada, Columbia, Spain, Mexico, Uruguay, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Thailand and Australia are watching it and commenting on how they love it, or not, we don't mind!'

The song features Martin, former college mate Fred Cooke and Australian comedian Damian Clark in various dubious outfits, as they insert place names into famous songs .

Think AC/DC anthem 'Highway to Kells' and that 80s Ultravox classic 'Oh Fermanagh'!

'The trouble was, we decided to actually appear in the place we were singing about, which took about two years to do,' says Martin with a laugh.

'The last big bit was filmed over a weekend, when we did the ultimate road trip taking in Westmeath, Tyrone, Wexford and most of Northern Ireland, looking like three ropy drag queens!'

Fans have called for more videos like this to be made, so is this the start of a brand new career for Martin?

'I don't know about that, but I'm enjoying the craic so far and I want to say a big thanks to RTE and all who are watching it,' he says.

'I'm in this new band Mojos with Mark Montague, Daithi McGahon, who filmed the video, and Phil Dowling, so we'll probably concentrate on that for a while.

'But maybe if 'Ireland, the Musical' reaches a million hits, I'll consider changing jobs!'

Watch Martin's video on Youtube Ireland the Musical Republic of Telly or on Twitter.

Drogheda Independent

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