Sunday 21 January 2018

Bring in two hour free parking

I am calling on Drogheda Borough Council to implement 2 hour free car parking Monday to Wednesday in the Town Centre on West Street and Abbey Shopping Car Park, as we have got to encourage shoppers back into Drogheda.

The current pay parking fee of €1.30 per hour is driving people out of the town, it needs a complete overhaul and should be only 50c per hour in current recessionary times.

Following the recent crisis meeting on West Street, we will have a petition on the streets of Drogheda this week calling on the Borough Council to transform West Street back to it's former glory. We are also engaging in a survey with traders and the public. We have also raised these issues with officials and the Conservation Officer with regard to the shameful state of the Old Abbey and boarded up buildings on Narrow West Street. The time for talking about West Street is over, its time for action.

A number of submissions by the traders have been made to the council over the past five years but nothing has been done, this has left traders in Drogheda's Main Street frustrated and angry. Existing business's have an obligation to make their business shop fronts and upper levels of their premises upgraded and more attractive.

Only for Penneys West Street would be dead, Some shops and buildings look tacky, grey and dull, footpaths are dirty looking. We need a variety of shops and the bollards are a hazard and must be removed right away.

We are the only town in Ireland that cannot bring the St Patrick's Day Parade, down its main street because of obstacles due to health and safety issues this is unbelievable!


Cllr Frank Godfrey.

Drogheda Independent

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