Sunday 17 November 2019

Boys choir make special visit to see hero Hannah

Warrior Princess is inspiration behind new CD being produced for Christmas

The Drogheda Boys Choir made a very special visit to their hero, Hannah "The Princess Warrior" in the Lourdes Hospital recently to make a very important announcement and also to do a short recital for her.

The Boys Choir and their Musical Director, Sharon Gaynor, were welcomed by the Mayor, Councillor Paul Bell, (also a great patron of Hannah) to a special room very generously made available and appropriately adorned by the hospital staff for the visit.

Mayor Bell thanked Sharon Gaynor and the Drogheda Boys Choir for their very kind gesture and intimated that "The Princess Warrior" herself, would be thrilled to receive such attention from the boys when she made her 'grand entre' to the gathering.

Hannah, "The Princess Warrior" arrived into the room resplendent, to tremendous applause and a very emotional welcome from the Drogheda Boys Choir, parents and some senior members of the Drogheda Male Voice Choir. In a beautiful tribute to Hannah, Sharon Gaynor, their Musical Director, outlined the reason they had chosen to visit Hannah.

"We hold you as a beacon of inspiration and you are our hero Hannah, she said. We know how brave you are and what you have achieved throughout your life. We want to show our appreciation to you here today, but more importantly, we have a major announcement to make. We have recorded a Christmas CD, "Christmas Star" in your honour and all proceeds will go to your fund".

The Boys Choir did a short recital for Hannah and it was heart rending to see her enjoyment and appreciation of their beautiful singing.

A feature of the visit was the warmth and friendliness of the members of the Boys Choir towards Hannah at the end of their recital which showed great affection between them and their admiration for her bravery.

Tom Murphy, who organises the Boys Choir on behalf of the senior Drogheda Male Choir, revealed that the Boys Choir Christmas recording would be accompanied by a DVD which would feature the visit to Hannah and have her as the inspiration for the recording.

Tom went on to thank The Mayor, Paul Bell, and the nurses and staff of the Lourdes Hospital for their wonderful reception and great help in organising the room for the recital. He was also fulsome in his praise for the magnificent dedication of Hannah's family members, Mother Pearl and sister Keelin, who were present and cooperated in assistance in arranging the visit.

The recording, "Christmas Star" will be launched with a Special Concert to take place in St Peter's Church of Ireland on Sunday the 24th of November at 5 o'clock which will feature the Drogheda Boys Choir with guests.

Drogheda Independent