Sunday 10 December 2017

Boston girl feels just right at home


Erin McVeigh who enjoyed the unseasonal weather last week. Credit: Colin Bell.
Erin McVeigh who enjoyed the unseasonal weather last week. Credit: Colin Bell.


THE recent cold spell may have brought the country to a near standstill, but Boston native Erin McVeigh, who is used to six foot of snow and temperatures of -15, took it all in her stride.

She has watched with a mixture of amusement and concern as the country reached crisis point, with inaccessable roads, burst pipes and closed schools.

'I can't believe they are shutting the schools after just an hour of snow, if that was the case in Boston we would never go to school,' said Erin who has been living in Ireland for the past eight years.

'On the other hand, at home we are much more prepared for this kind of weather because it happens every winter so people get winter tyres on and we have ploughs going up and down all the time clearing the streets so we are equipped for it in Boston whereas here investing in things like ploughs just wouldn't be justified so I do understand where the chaos here is coming from.

'It felt strange for me to look out at the little snow and see the schools closed but then when you drive on the roads you can see why they do it because it is just too dangerous.'

Erin said she has maintained a fascination with the Irish weather ever since she moved here in 2001.

'The weather people are all so optimistic, they have their own style. They say 'fresh' when it's bitterly cold and my favourite was the woman who said 'rain will clear to showers!'. How can rain clear to showers. It's a really glass half full outlook but I guess we have to do that or we'd be depressed looking at the rain all the time.'

Despite the constant rain, Erin has settled in to life in Drogheda with ease after stopping off on a three month visa on her way after spending time travelling through Australia and Fiji.

'I got a three month working visa and I intended going home after that but then I ended up being sponsored by a company and now I'm applying for my citizenship.

Although the winters here may be milder, Erin says she still misses the climate in Boston and finds it hard to get used to the constant rain.

'The summer is the time I miss the most, it is difficult with the rain but the quality of life here and the people make up for the weather.'

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