Sunday 25 August 2019

Bollards are only way to prevent pathway misery

Placing bollards - similiar to the ones in Anneville Crescent - along the stretch of footpath outside Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital must now happen to prevent someone being killed,

The call comes after a near miss last Thursday night when a wheelchair user, trying to access the bus stop, had to be wheeled along the busy road as the full length of the path was blocked by vehicles.

A man pushing an elderly woman in the wheelchair, opposite Boyle O'Reilly Terrace, had to go onto the road as he couldn't pass by the row of illegally parked vehicles.

As they attempted to get back onto the path at the bus stop, the wheelchair rolled onto the road, into the path of an oncoming truck. Luckily, the man managed to grab hold of it before it was struck.

'They were very upset,' an eye-witness to the incident, which happened around 7.30pm last Thursday, commented.

'He was mad and very upset,' they continued. 'I told him to ring the gardai and get them to come up and put a ticket on the cars.

'It was terrifying watching him on the road with the wheelchair. Lorries were whizzing past them.

'The footpath should be for people walking and for those in wheelchairs, not somewhere for people to park,' the witness remarked. 'It is so dangerous.'

They said that poles have been erected along nearby Anneville Crescent to stop parking on the paths there and they have worked.

'The same should be done here. We had the local elections recently and all the councillors were out talking about safety but here's a chance to do sonething to help pedestrians. The poles would stop cars parking and that's what is needed.

'A space could be left at the bus stop to allow a wheelchair gain access.'

After witnessing an 'horrrific near miss' last week, they say that the council must act quickly now.

Drogheda Independent