Sunday 15 September 2019

Blarney Pilgrim Darren in town for Fleadh

A new life in Australia has sparked a love of Irish music and tradition in local man Darren O'Mahony (39), the co-creator of an Irish Music Podcast called The Blarney Pilgrims.

And now he's coming over from Geelong, Australia, for the 2019 Fleadh - aiming to boost his listening figures.

'Growing up in the 90s I was more interested in the No Name Club and Man Fridays than the traditional music what was everywhere around me. Now at 39, living in Geelong, Australia, I've decided to do my best to learn and connect with the music and culture I foolishly ignored when I was a teen.' he states.

His co-creator is Dominic Black. Dominic (52), originally from Ballycastle.

'Now we trying to reconnect via weekly episodes where we talk to players and chat to them about how and why they love the music. The podcast launched 9 weeks ago and so far it's had a fantastic pick up - much better then I would have expected to be honest,' he adds.

Darren will be in Drogheda from the 7th to the 20th August for the Fleadh and is putting a call out for interviewees. Particularly other ex-pats players that have traveled from afar for the Fleadh.

This Wednesday The Blarney Pilgrims episode is with the legendary fiddler Kevin Burke.

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