Tuesday 20 February 2018

Bernard's plea for disabled parking space near home

Bernard Lenehan (right with Cllr. Tommy Byrne).
Bernard Lenehan (right with Cllr. Tommy Byrne).

Hubert Murphy

A SCARLET Crescent man has a simple message for the local council this week: 'help!'

Bernard Lenehan is pleading with the local council for a disabled parking space outside his home to prevent him from becoming housebound.

He is on oxygen 24 hours a day and needs to use a wheelchair.

But the nearest parking space in the congested estate could be hundreds of yards away, up a slope and across the road.

'It wouldn't be a big job. It could be done in 10 minutes,' Bernard told the Drogheda Independent.

He has lived in the estate with wife Jean for 14 years, but his health has now led to a plea for the council to help him.

'I'm not asking for much. It will allow me to get out of the house,' he said.

He lives in a section of the estate with no vehicular access. However, an area at the top of the nearby road could be developed into a slipway to Bernard's house.

Cllr. Tommy Byrne has vowed to fight Bernard's case with the council.

'I am calling on the council to provide wheelchair access and a disabled parking bay to enable Bernard easier access to his home. He also requires a small ramp outside his home,' he said.

His wife Jean, who drives, often has to park a good distance down the estate.

'This can be very difficult in rain or cold weather with a wheelchair. The path leading down to their home needs to be made wheelchair accessible by widening it slightly,' Cllr. Byrne said.

'This is an opportunity for Drogheda Borough Council to finally sort out the longstanding parking issues in this lovely enclave.'

Drogheda Independent

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