Tuesday 21 November 2017

Belfast mayor checks out history links with Drogheda


DROGHEDA AND Belfast have historic links that both areas should exploit in the coming years.

As part of an ongoing partnership, Mayor of Belfast Gavin Robinson visited Drogheda on Monday, when he got to grips with the famed Sword and Mace - but sadly not literally.

He had to be content with looking at it through the glass casing, but he admitted he was great impressed.

'It's been a fascinating day for me,' he told the Drogheda Independent. 'I was in Oldbridge House for the first time and then came to see the Tholsel and I also met the people involved in the Boyne trail. The area has sites which have a great affinity with the Unionist people. It's very interesting to see how we develop this.'

He has invited the mayor and others back to Belfast to maintain the links.

'What is still appreciated in East Belfast is the role played by Drogheda firefighters in coming up to fight the fires during The Blitz,' he added.

He has vowed to return to Drogheda now he has got a taste of it.

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