Thursday 18 July 2019

Barbican ghost?

Paranormal squad to stakeout Barbican


CCTV captures mystery figure STAFF in the Barbican Centre on Peter Street have captured images of what they believe is a ghost on CCTV.

Caretaker Darren O'Rourke spotted what he believes is a ghostly figure footage of the top floor of the building.

The Killarney Paranormal Society of Ireland will carry out a stakeout of the premises this Thursday night from 10pm through the night.

'They were very excited about everything that has happened and they really wanted to come and check out what was happening with microphones and camera's throughout the building,' said centre Manager Paul Hayes. 'They are going to do a paranormal stakeout between 10pm on Thursday night and 8.30am on Friday morning.'

The images on the CCTV footage are the latest in a long list of unusual happenings in the centre, including a shadowy figure of a man spotted by a number of members of staff, strange tapping noises and a light which turns itself on and off.

Darren and fellow caretaker Brendan were having their teabreak when they spotted the strange shadows on the CCTV monitor.

'I happened to glance up at the CCTV and saw what to me looked like the right hand side of a face,' explained Darren. 'At first we thought maybe somebody was shining a torch out from the lift and that might be what was causing it but when we looked down the hall the lift was at a different floor.'

'I wasn't frightened but I was a little freaked out by it,' added Darren.

Manager Paul Hayes, who admits he is a sceptic when it comes to the supernatural, said he didn't take the idea of a ghost in the building seriously at first.

'Darren has thought he saw something on several occasions and I was very sceptical about it,' said Paul. 'He said he saw a man in his 50s with dark hair and older clothes. He went to tell him the building was locked and he couldn't be there but the man was gone.

We used to laugh it off and call them Darren's friends but then more and more people started feeling or hearing things.

'My secretary, Tina Caffrey, said she could feel a bad entity, a bad vibe when she went into the Plunkett studio, which is where all the strange things seem to be happening.

Again, Paul didn't think much of it until we had a Reiki instructor who came in to have a look around because she was thinking of hiring a room.

'She came in because she was thinking about hiring a room for a class. We showed her all eight rooms but when she entered the Plunkett Room she kind of crumpled over as she crossed the threshold.

Then when she took a step back she was fine and she said 'there's a very bad presence in there.'

A short time later, Darren saw a shadowy figure inside the Plunkett Room but when he tried to approach the man there was nobody there.

'Again, I dismissed it until about three weeks later when I saw the exact same thing,' said Paul.

'I saw what I thought was a person but when I went in to tell them they weren't supposed to be in the building but there was no one there.'

He said another member of staff has also heard persistent tapping and added one of the lights has a life of its own and goes on and off intermittently.

'I had an electrician in to look at it hoping it was some electrical fault but he said it was fine.'

'As sceptical as I am about this stuff a lot of people believe in it and once I tell them about all the things that have happened you end up hearing all their ghost stories.'