Sunday 19 November 2017

Ballsgrove clinic will re-open

Councillor Paul Bell has announced that the HSE Clinic located in Ballsgrove will reopen its doors to the community in October following a total refurbishment of the building deemed necessary as a consequence of an arson attack on the property in December 2016.

"I am very pleased to learn that the building is undergoing a total refurbishment which includes the complete rewiring of the building, heating system and security system. In simple terms the building is effectively being rebuilt for the service of the community" said Bell

"My continued interest in this issue relates to the inconvenience caused by the by the services having to be relocated to other HSE facilities in our town which due to demand are already under severe pressure. The facility is highly valued by the local community offering services key to citizens in need of medical and social services.

'I did at one stage fear the permanent loss of services which have been provided directly at the Ballsgrove Clinic for over 30 years. My engagement with the HSE has reassured me that the future of the facility and services are safe for the foreseeable future" Bell concluded.

Drogheda Independent

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