Thursday 23 May 2019

Axel saves his owner after attack in Glen

Hubert Murphy

A local dog walker was left shaken after a man threatened to 'cut his throat' during an incident close to the Glen at Yellowbatter on Halloween night.

Paul Lamb was out walking with his dog, a three-year old German Shepherd called 'Axel' when he was set upon.

He came home late from work and took his dog for a walk.

He was returning to his car when he noticed someone trying to break the glass in it.

The young man, aged between 19 and 21, claimed the car was his and a confrontation ensued.

Mr Lamb's dog was muzzled, but tried to help its owner as the other man threatened to cut Mr Lamb's throat, reaching into his pocket.

The shocked dog owner ran into the street and called for help and a number of local residents came to his assistance.

The man left the scene and Mr Lamb was able to drove home, very shaken by his ordeal.

Mr Lamb reported the incident to gardai later in the week.

Drogheda Independent