Monday 21 October 2019

Attempted kidnapping of mother and son

Pair arrived at Rathmullen home to find three hooded and armed men waiting for them

Gardai are hunting three men who were involved in what is believed to have been an attempted kidnapping or hostage situation at a Drogheda home last week.

The harrowing incident is believed to be part of the ongoing gangland feud in the town.

A mother and her teenage son had arrived back at their home in the Rathmullen area at 10.30am and on opening the front door of the house they were immediately confronted by three masked men.

One of the men was armed with a machete.

The pair acted quickly and managed to escape from the men, running down the street in terror.

The incident comes in the same week as calls were made for those involved in crime to be evicted from council estates as they are leaving fellow residents 'living in constant fear.'

A Joint Policing Meeting heard some speakers state that if people living in council owned homes are involved in criminality then they must lose the house over their heads.

It is seen as a real tool against those engaging in anti-social and violent behaviour. Councillors said decent local people are too afraid to leave their own homes.

And the meeting, held in Millmount, heard that no one estate is free of issues.

Cllr David Saurin pulled no punches. 'The council need to step up and those living in council estates have to know that there's consequences.' he stated. He said some were holding estates ' to ransom' and they needed to be evicted, 'thrown out of the communities they are destroying.'

Drogheda Independent