Tuesday 25 September 2018

Area at bottom of Millmount should become public park

The waste-ground between Millmount and the green area on John Street (Joe Stanley memorial park) should be acquired by Louth County Council and turned into an amenity area for the public, it has been claimed.

Overgrown and unused for decades, the space could be become a much-used facility in the centre of the town, an extended green area offering tremendous views of the town and the town walls, and offer another access route to Millmount, according to local Councillor Frank Godfrey.

'This could become Drogheda's own 'St Stephen's Green', a green space in the town centre, and could be called Buttergate Amenity Park,' said Cllr Godfrey.

'I am calling on the Council to purchase this piece of land, tidy it up, install seating and pathways, and maybe uplight Millmount's walls from there. It would be a continuation of the Joe Stanley Garden and would tidy up the whole area, offering easy access to Millmount for tourists from the bus station.'

Saying that this would be a great project for Louth County Council to undertake on behalf of the people of Drogheda, Cllr Godfrey warned that there should be no development allowed there in coming years. 'We need to get control of the Buttergate land and develop it as an amenity for the people!'

Cllr Godfrey has tabled a motion for Louth County Council to discuss this matter.

Drogheda Independent