Friday 19 October 2018

Applause for George Hook after passionate local church address

Praise for priest who gave him vital support

Hubert Murphy

Radio presenter George Hook made a passionate address at Sunday’s Remembrance Mass at the Dominican Church, revealing the depth of reaction his family have been subjected to after his comments on his Newstalk radio show.

Attending the mass, to remember all local people who have passed away, and concluding with a ceremony where flowers were thrust into the Boyne from the nearby bridge, George told the congregation of the ‘difficult time’ his family has endured in recent months.

He made a comment about a rape case and later apologised, stating the words he used were ‘totally inappropriate and unacceptable’.

‘In recent months my family have received hate mail and abuse for my mistake.

‘But I have received texts and messages of support from Fr Jim Donleavy and I will be forever grateful for that during this difficult time,’ he told a surprised Dominican congregation, after stepping onto the altar at the end of mass.

He was invited to attend the mass after helping to highlight the plight of the under threat church earlier this year on his show.

He spoke passionately about modern day technology and how the older generation needed to pass on faith to younger people, something that had stopped.

He said young people ‘needed help in their dark moments’ and never have basic Christian ideals been so important as they are now. He was applauded for his comments.

Drogheda Independent