Monday 21 January 2019

Anger takes over as people want answers

A community mourns: the murder of Cameron Reilly

Supporting with their feet...locals attending the vigil for Cameron
Supporting with their feet...locals attending the vigil for Cameron

Hubert Murphy

'The mentality of anyone capable of such an horrific and brutal crime are capable of doing so again. Maybe keep this in mind.'

Those words were posted on social media last week as Dunleer remains in a 'dark cloud' following the brutal killing of Cameron Reilly in the early hours of Saturday May 26th.

His body was discovered in a field at the rear of the Rivervale estate and the industrial park. He met a violent death.

Since then, the outpouring of sorrow, shock and disbelief has been superseded by feelings of anger and distrust. Dunleer is a changed place.

The fact that so many young people have been drawn into the murder investigation has only added to the increasing debate about the killer or killers.

In recent days gardai have redoubled their line of questioning, trying to ascertain who is not telling the full truth, and those who have genuinely said as much as they know without going into gossip and giving misinformation.

The net has certainly narrowed over the last few weeks, but the appeal for information continues on a daily basis, adding to the pressure on those responsible.

The investigation has gone beyond a field in Dunleer - the crime scene - to other places, like Castlebellingham, Ardee, Monasterboice and Drogheda. The hunt for a killer, or killers, is a broad one.

Trial by social media will be something gardai will be keen to avoid.

For the moment, the frustration felt by many dominates many minds.

'How can you stand back & continue to say nothing? You all know rightly well what you've done and the part you played in this lad's horrific death. You claim to be his friend and you did nothing,you didn't intervene & try stop while he was being murdered, you see like the rest of us the absolute devastation his family are going through and you STILL do nothing & yet you call yourself his friend,shame on you!' was one comment posted.

Others added, 'Whatever happened to a fist fight, pulling hair..... it's an absolute disgrace in this day and age for 17 and 18

year olds to carry out an act like that, what will they b like in another few years...

'This is a real shame. Someone knows something, how could u sleep at night knowing someone out there did this. Heartbreaking for his parents god love them.

'Imagine for a moment that it is you that is in Cameron's shoes. Imagine you are laying dead. Imagine you left all night long to die alone in such fear and pain. Imagine it is your life that has been cut short and people, friends of yours, know something about what happened. Would you want your friends to speak up for you? To give your family some peace so they can grieve?

'How would you feel if it was your parents and your family going through this hell? Go and ask your parents how they would feel if it was them dealing with this.

'What you CHOOSE to do now will define you for the rest of your life. You can salvage something IF you come forward NOW.

'Was this a fight that went further than you expected? Did it get out of hand? If you speak up now it will be looked upon favourably and it can be done in a CONFIDENTIAL manner.'

Gardai have spoken to 17 people who were in and around the field on the night. Some where there later than others. Statements have been taken from numerous people and many have said exactly where they were and what they saw. Others haven't given the full truth.

'There is no letting up on this. We want to find answers for the family and the community of Dunleer. It's time for people to stand up,' Supt Andrew Watters stated this week. 'The case is progressing.'

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