Wednesday 26 June 2019

Anger at dumping shame at the Watery Hill steps

Hubert Murphy

Angry local residents have hit out at those dumping rubbish at the Watery Hill steps.

Over the holiday period, bags of rubbish - some of it household waste - was dumped just off the steps.

But as well as rubbish, people have been shocked to see shopping trolleys, a bicycle, a child's buggy, an old suitcase and children's toys.

It is believed the site has been investigated by the council litter warden in a bid to find those responsible.

Mayor Frank Godfrey says he received a number of calls from local residents, who are sick of their area being used as a dumping ground.

'I went along to see for myself and it is a disgrace. There is everything there.

'At a time when we want the town to look its best, this happens.

'People must be made aware if they are found dumping, there are hefty fines and I'm sure the council will take action against those involved in this,' he stated.

He says the council's environmental department have been looking into the incident.

Drogheda Independent