Friday 19 January 2018

Anger as dogs let loose at Oldbridge



VISITORS TO the park at Oldbridge Estate are being driven barking mad by dog owners not obeying signs to keep their pets on a lead.

One woman who contacted the Drogheda Independent said she is fed up with dogs being let loose in the park land, as not everyone is comfortable around dogs, and the owners need to be more responsible.

'I love walking on this beautiful piece of land and I have no problem with people enjoying it with their dogs, but the signs are clear – keep your dogs on a leash for the convenience of others using the park,' she said angrily.

'I'm not sure is it something about the Irish dog owner or is it just people in Drogheda, but no-one seems to think the sign applies to them.'

Another walker agreed, saying they are not comfortable around dogs and they had been 'accosted by a large dog' recently in Oldbridge.

' The woman owner smiled at me as her dog was jumping on me and said 'don't mind him, he's really friendly', but the fact is, I don't like dogs near me, and the signs clearly say to keep them tied up,' he said.

'I just wonder if there is anyway of enforcing it because as far as I can see, no-one ever obeys the rules so they mustn't be in fear of being fined or aything.'

A spokeswoman for Oldbridge said they are not able to issue fines and have to appeal to the dog owners sense of responsibility and respect towards others.

'We ask all dog owners to keep dogs on leads at Oldbridge Estate. Every effort is made by OPW staff on the ground to promote public awareness,' said Sarah Lith on behalf of the Office of Public Works.

'We would appeal to all dog owners to respect this policy for the comfort and safety of other site users.'

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